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Unlocking Your Body's Potential: The truBody Experience


With summer around the corner, there’s no better time to embark on your body’s transformation. Join us as we delve into the innovative truSculpt ID and truFlex treatments, offering a personalized and comfortable experience with proven, long-lasting results.


Through insightful Q&A interviews with individuals undergoing truBody treatments at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge, we explore the diverse benefits, from eliminating body fat and achieving weight loss goals, to improving muscle tone and strength. Together, let’s uncover the power of truBody to strengthen muscles, address chronic pain or injuries, and unveil visible results after just one session. Get ready to start your journey of transformation with truBody at Nita Lake Lodge.


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“The trubody package consists of the truSculpt ID, which is a fat melting device and the truFlex is for building muscle. Essentially, we’re removing fat and adding muscle. The flex is a highly customizable, personalized treatment that can be adapt to any body type and fitness level.” Erika Swanstrom, Senior Medical Esthetician


Clinical studies resulted in an average of 24% fat reduction per treated area.



Case Study Profiles

Name: Nadine 
Age: 59
Activity levels: Active; 3 HIIT classes a week, 7-10km walking, ski, cycle.
Goal: Improving her body image, currently counting calories, and wanting to get her weight down.
History (injury / current physio program): Broke foot in October, 8 weeks low activity while recovering. 
Treatment area & program:  Abdominals, thighs. 1 session of truSculpt ID, followed by 4 sessions for truFlex across 2 weeks. 




Name: Laura 
Age: 32
Activity levels: Active 
Goal: Build strength to aid in injury recovery.
History (injury / current physio program): In March 2023, burst fracture to her T12 vertebrae, impinged spinal cord, followed by T10-L1 spinal surgery. Rehabbing injury, with particular focus on leg and glute strength after severe loss of strength due to nerve damage. Seeing physiotherapists, with an ongoing rehab program currently focusing on left ankle stability and left calf weakness, as well as overall strengthening of her core, back and legs.
Treatment area & program: Abdominals and quads to build strength and to help stabilize. 6 sessions of truFlex; 2 times a week across 3 weeks.




Before the Treatment 

Q: How are you feeling before the treatment?

Nadine: Good! Just an average day, I had a bit of a workout this morning and relaxed before I came here.

Laura: So, 10 months ago, I broke a vertebra in my spine and needed surgery for it. Thankfully, I’m all fixed up but I’m still dealing with the weakness in my muscles and through my legs, and calves.  The back of my legs and hips became extremely tight following the injury. Once I was able to loosen those with massage and stretching, my back pain had completely gone away. But unfortunately, my back is painful again, I think because my legs, glutes and hips are extremely tight again with all the rehab. Today, I’m feeling fine. I went straight from the hot tub to here so I’m feeling very relaxed.


During your consultation, Erika will mark your areas of concern to discuss how many truSculpt paddles you will need for optimal results. 


Q: What are your expectations of the treatment?

N: I’m hoping to make my core stronger and lose some fat. I know the ID treatment breaks down the fat cells and dissipates them. Hopefully, it stays that way if you don’t put the weight back on.

L: I’m coming with not too many expectations. I’ve had a lot of rehab, pretty much focused on all core, glute, and calf exercises to get the strength back into my legs. I’m not sure exactly what to expect. 


Treatment areas: abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, under chin, arms, upper & lower back rolls.




After the 1st treatment 

Q: Describe the feeling of the ID treatment. 

N: It was quite relaxing actually. I didn’t mind it at all. It was warm and not uncomfortable at all.


Nadine during the 15 minute truSculpt ID treatment. 


Q: Describe the feeling of the Flex treatment. 

N: It was intense at times, but not too bad. I actually kind of liked it because you can feel it in your muscles, especially muscles I sometimes don’t think I have because they’re covered up. It was good.

L: It was like each ten seconds was a different sensation. Sometimes it was a fuzzing, sometimes it was contractions, every moment was different and then you slowly get used to the sensations and up the level of intensity. After the initial explanation of the treatment, I was thinking it would be more intense than it was.


Q: How do you feel afterwards? 

N: I feel good actually. I feel like I want to go out for a walk in the snow.

L: I feel fine. My legs do feel a little tired. But that might be from lying down for an hour. 


Laura during her first truFlex treatment.


After 2 treatments

Q: How are you feeling before your next treatment?

Nadine: Fine! I’m excited to keep going and see what happens.

Laura: Very good, relaxed. I’ve just come straight out of the hot tubs, I’m ready to relax and get my spa workout.


Q: Did you notice any improvements?

N: I don’t really know. I was trying to see if I did. Not really.

L: I have. A lot of differences. One massive one is there’s been a reduction in pain in my lower back, especially when I’m reaching for something and coming back up. The pain that I’d kind of gotten used to has gone, so I’d say the strength in my core has helped with that. 


Laura after her 6th treatment. 


Q: Did you notice any differences with workouts?

L: Yep, definitely. Better muscle awareness. One big thing about my core is that my ribs always flared out. Now, seeing how I look after a treatment here at The Spa, I’ve noticed everything is nicely engaged. I feel like I know how to engage those muscles, and plus they’ve grown. So, I feel like I’m doing my rehab exercises better, and more efficiently. 


Q: Does the treatment feel different from last week? 

N: I feel like it’s easier to take because you know what’s coming. The first session, you know, is more intense because you’re not quite sure what’s going on. And today was even easier. The last part before was a little bit more intense, but it didn’t feel that intense today. I feel good, almost energized after today’s session.

L:  Yeah, well I think because we keep increasing the level of intensity, each treatment is similar for me, but the level we finish off at has actually increased at lot, but it feels the same to me.


Q: Did you require any downtime after the previous treatments?

N: No, after the first session I played tennis after, and I went to my exercise class the next morning. 

L: No, not at all. I’m usually hungry and will definitely want to eat something. But no, I’m not exhausted, fatigued or anything.  


Discover comfort with truSculpt. 


Nadine's 10 week / Laura's 8 week post treatment check in

Q: How are you feeling today?

Nadine: I’m feeling healthy & well. 

Laura:  I’m feeling very good. I have started a new job so feeling the changes from that a little exhausting, but yes aside from that I’m feeling very well. 


Q: Did you notice any improvements day-to-day or with workouts?

N: Oh yes, definitely feeling stronger. 

L: I’d say it’s hard to pinpoint anything precisely. When I look at it overall, I’ve definitely upped the difficulty of the exercises. I had to find some different ones to make sure I’m challenging myself, particularly in the core area, compared to the ones I have been doing which were gentle physio exercises. Now, I’m looking at different workouts so they’re having a good effect. 


Optimal results are seen after 12 weeks, but keep in mind everyone’s goals are different! You may need additional treatments to achieve your personal goals.


Q: How has the truBody experience been overall?

N: It’s been great, I’m loving it! I am feeling really good about it. 

L: It was difficult to know what to expect at the start, but seeing how rapid the growth of muscles was, it’s quite extraordinary and I’m really happy with it. In terms of injury rehab, it’s been really helpful! All your work with injury rehab and the support around you is great, but it’s ultimately up to you to do those exercises and build that muscle, so it’s so nice to have a helping hand in this way to develop certain muscles. 


Q: Would you recommend this experience to a friend?

N: Oh definitely! It’s worth it, I’m loving the feeling of the improvements.

L: I would recommend it, and I would particularly recommend it if it’s an injury just because it’s so nice to have a helping hand to develop some muscles.  



Start your truBody journey today with a FREE consultation! 


The flex is appropriate for anyone looking to improve aesthetically or strength-wise. Most people can benefit from the use of truFlex, whether aesthetically or for use of rehab. We recommend a series of 4 – 6 treatments that are spaced 2 days, or up to a week, apart for the best results. The flex can be done monthly afterwards to maintain results. From the very first session you’ll start to notice an improvement in strength and posture. Start your truBody journey today with a FREE consultation!


Don’t miss our truBody Consultation Week May 13 – 16, 2024, to SAVE 40% on your truBody package! To book your free consultation, call us today on 604-966-5715

*Pricing available from May 13 - 16, 2024. Promotion valid exclusively for consultation attendees. Promo pricing cannot be combined with any other promos or discounts. $50 no show fee.