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Celluma Light Therapy - NEW to The Spa

  • Non invasive treatment for acne, wrinkles, skin damage.
  • Great for treating inflammation and wound healing
  • Evidence based treatment originating from NASA research
  • Perfect addition to facials, manicures, pedicures, massages and peels
  • Light activated biostimulation of cells increasing ATP synthesis
  • Red light increases collagen protein production for healing.
  • Blue light helps reduce oil production and can also help kill bacteria causing acne.
  • Assists in skin healing following other treatments to boost their effectiveness.

The perfect add-on to our skin treatments. The new LED light therapy from Celluma uses technology first researched by NASA to aid in skin recovery. Use this in conjunction with our treatments for an easy boost to your skin health!


Celluma Light Therapy Treatment
Celluma Light Therapy Facial
Celluma Light Therapy Heaven & Earth
Celluma Light Therapy Massage