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Green Initiatives

Let's Talk About Sustainability

Our impact on the natural resources of Whistler is something that's at the forefront of every decision that we make at Nita, and we're constantly striving to be more and more eco-conscious. Our green practices help protect the environment by encouraging sustainability in a variety of ways such as recycling, composting, and chemical-free cleaning supplies. On this page, we'd love to share with you what we're doing to promote sustainability, and how you can help us to keep British Columbia (and the world) beautiful.


Our Initiatives

EV Charging Stations

For complimentary use by guests

Geothermal Energy

To heat and cool the property

A Recycling Program

Which includes paper & plastic

Compostable Containers

Which includes paper & plastic

Energy Efficient Lighting

and timers to manage usage

More of our Green initiatives

Using energy efficient lighting and having our exterior lights on timers

Having geothermal heating and cooling used throughout the lodge

Saving water by having low flow toilets, faucets and showerheads

Food waste is composted and used oil is recycled

Digitization of guest bills, hotel brochures, and menus to save paper and printing.

Having an eco-friendly irrigation system to water our gardens

Use of a Building Automation system (DDC control system) in place to monitor and control our environmental impact

Using a groundwater filtration system, which removes the iron content from the groundwater before it is released into the creek

Our hot tub jet pumps are on timers and we use energy efficient boilers

We are a 100% non-smoking property to help keep our air clean for everyone to enjoy

Growing our own herbs and vegetables in our rooftop gardens and using locally sourced ingredients in our dining outlets whenever possible

Our housekeeping team uses chemical-free cleaning products

Having a recycling program in place, which includes the recycling of ink cartridges, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, bottles and cans

A towel and linen reuse/recycle program is in place

Tesla charging stations available for complimentary use by hotel, spa and restaurant guests.

Visitor Code of Conduct

When visiting cultural heritage places, it is important to respect the site, it’s history and local community.

Here are some guidelines if you’re planning on visiting these places:



  1. Respect the rules – Follow all posted signs and guidelines including rules about photography, touching vegetation, and where you can and cannot walk.
  2. Stay on designated path – Avoid stepping on or touching fragile structures or vegetation. Stay on designated trails to protect the site.
  3. Respect wildlife – Observe wildlife from a distance and do not feed them or disturb them.
  4. Be mindful of noise – Keep noise level low to respect the site and other visitors.
  5. Dispose of waste properly – Use designated trash bins or take the trash with you to keep the site clean.
  6. Respect cultural practices – Be respectful of any ceremonies, rituals or cultural gatherings taking place at the site.
  7. Educate yourself – Learn about the history and significance of the site before you visit to better appreciate its cultural importance.
  8. Support local communities – Consider supporting local communities and businesses near the heritage site.
  9. Report vandalism or damage – If you see any vandalism or damage report to site staff or authorities immediately.
  10. Leave no trace – Leave the site as you found it to preserve its beauty and cultural significance for future generations.

Following these guidelines will help preserve cultural heritage sites for future visitors and ensures that they remain an important part of our shared history and culture.