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"Down day" - A rest day from on mountain activity.

Whistler is an incredible place, even when the mountains (or your body) are not playing ball.

In whistler we are at the mercy of how much our bodies can take the amount of adventure we throw at them, but also the weather that makes the mountains such a special place to be. We must be respectful of the mountains and sometimes this leads us to “down days”. Enjoying a nature inspired rest day from our more extreme activities, a time to focus on rest and wellness preparing for what is ahead. This is a down day.

Natural Beauty

For us, there is no more beautiful place in the world than Whistler. It even manages to shine in the rain. The same temperate rainforest that brings us glorious snow in the winter, also brings us droplet filled lakes, and moody clouds moving through the evergreen trees of British Columbia. An extra special sight is the transpiration from these trees, showing life and bringing us closer to the nature that surrounds us. We are blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful lakes as Nita Lake and Alpha Lake that look stunning dressed in moody clouds.

The dock at Nita Lake. Calm and serene on the warmer days, Ice-dip on the colder days.

The private dock for Nita Lake Lodge guests. See the colourful forest trees and relax with nature.

Transpiration from trees around our lakes is a beutiful sight to witness in person. 

Maximize rest days with The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge

A down day is an important part of an athlete’s routine. Making time for rest so that you can enjoy the bigger days ahead. The spa at Nita Lake Lodge has a menu of massages and indulgent treatments to rejuvenate the body and soul. It’s a perfect down day activity that can be extended with free access to the spa amenities including rooftob hot tubs (a must for rainy days!), relaxation room and eucalyptus steam room. Relax for your down day at The Spa at Nita Lake Lodge.

The award-winning massage treatments at The Spa cover a range from deep tissue for sports recovery, to the local's favourite the Nita Signature treatment. Begin with a body scrub to smooth, exfoliate, soften, and hydrate your skin with the detoxifying power of our Himalayan salt crystals. Next be cocooned into a soothing, mud wrap to further the detoxification and nourish your skin. The signature treatment ends with a full body massage personalized to your needs. An absolutely blissful way to enjoy your down day.

Down days are the perfect time to get your self-care routine in check and make sure you are treating your skin correctly to get our and enjoy the mountains. Booking a HydraFacial allows your skin to recover from the harsh elements by cleansing, rehydrating and detoxifying. We offer a range of HydraFacial options, but our crowd pleaser the Nita Signature HydraFacial offers the ultimate experience, combining a customised HydrFacial with Naturpathica skin care and neck and shoulder massage. Perfect for mountain lovers looking to relax and care for their skin.

Refuel with high quality food

The next important aspect of a down day is to refill with nutrient-rich food to get your body in top shape. The Den at Nita Lake Lodge is continuing to develop its menu based on the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, offering the best options for people looking enjoy high quality food on their down-day.

Refuel with high quality food

The Den

The Den at Nita Lake Lodge is continuing to develop its menu based on the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients, offering the best options for people looking enjoy high quality food on their down-day.

Fix Cafe

Satisfying the coffee cravings and offering up delicious snacks baked in house, the fix will help start your down day right. Renowned for its high-quality coffee, don’t forget to bring your sense of wonder and try the donuts too. You can feel good about it knowing that you are carb loading for the mountain with the highest quality ingredients from our bakery.

Cure Lounge & Patio

If you want hearty on your down-day, Cure Lounge & Patio brings the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that locals of Creekside love to share. With fireplaces, special cocktails, and great food, you can end your rest day the way the snow gods intended; enjoying great food with people you love.

Nita Lake Lodge

Look forward to your down days.

Nita Lake Lodge has you covered to make the most of a getaway in Whistler. Prepare yourself for mountain adventure and let us make the down days seem like the real reason you came.